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Hello and welcome to Big City Lights, or what was Big City Lights.

Due to a variety of business and personal circumstances, Big City Lights is no longer working as a booking agency.  Having started in 2013, alongside my good buddy Del Day, it's been seven years of fun and we both feel in that short time, we booked some great tours, often debut tours for bands outside the UK, who have now become very recognisable names in the music world we represented. Namely, Erin Rae, Rachel Baiman, Caroline Spence as well as others. We are both immensely proud of that and although no longer booking agents, will no doubt still recommend artists we think deserve your listening time.

A massive thanks to all the musicians for putting their trust in Big City Lights and every single promoter who ever booked a show with us. It was fun.

We'll see you at a gig, somewhere, some day soon.


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